A Blueprint for Europe's Just Transition

Our landmark report is the most comprehensive plan ever published to pull Europe out of the twin crises of austerity and climate and environmental breakdown.

We can transform Europe, together

We face a climate, environmental and social crisis — and we are running out of time. But if we come together and unite behind a shared vision of justice and sustainability, we can build a better Europe for future generations.

The promises of the Green New Deal

The Green New Deal for Europe will lower the cost of living by investing in resource-efficient energy, locally sustainable agriculture, high quality housing, and less expensive transportation.
The Green New Deal for Europe will protect citizens and their communities from natural disasters. Investments in housing and infrastructure will keep us safe from earthquakes, floods, and other emergency situations.
The Green New Deal for Europe will create well-paid, secure employment for all those who seek it.
The Green New Deal for Europe will redress Europe’s colonial past, providing reparation to communities that suffer from centuries of European pollution and ensuring that we do not outsource extraction to the global South.
The Green New Deal for Europe will revive public services that have been cut or privatized in the era of austerity: public transport, social housing, municipal energy, and green public space.
The Green New Deal for Europe will improve our quality of life by guaranteeing clean air and water, by restoring biodiversity to our communities, and by reducing the numbers of hours we work each week.
Countless people around the world have been forced leave their communities in search of safety or job security. The Green New Deal will fight the causes of involuntary migration and ensure that those most vulnerable to climate change have the support they need.
The Green New Deal for Europe will leave a greener, fairer and more just Europe for future generations by fighting the twin crises of austerity and climate change. It will call for the development of exciting new technologies that will propel us towards the next stage of human flourishing.

MAY 2019

With brave new action, Europe can break the fatal cycle of austerity and dissolution, restore hope and confidence while working to save our endangered planet.


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