Our Vision

We face a climate, environmental and social crisis — and we are running out of time. But if we come together and unite behind a shared vision of justice and sustainability, we can build a better Europe for future generations.


We are running out of time. For centuries, Europe’s model of economic growth has depended on the exploitation of workers and resources around the world. Now, our natural systems are collapsing at an accelerating rate. We need to act now to transition our economies away from fossil fuels and overproduction — building a sustainable future for all.


We know that Europe has the tools and resources to prevent this crisis. The European Union is perfectly placed to launch an ambitious international response to climate and environmental breakdown. In the process, it could create millions of good jobs, upgrade Europe’s outdated infrastructure, and empower communities as part of a new green economy.


We have been deprived of a voice for too long. The EU claims to be taking action. But their plan aims only to preserve the status quo. They meet with fossil fuel lobbyists, invest in fossil fuel industries, and ignore millions of people marching in the streets for fundamental change.


We will not accept scapegoats. To hide their failures, the politicians keep repeating the same tired messages — laying the blame for our economic troubles on immigrants and other countries. They tell us that some children must suffer so that others can live in comfort. They tell us that we have to choose between dangerous or polluting jobs and no jobs at all. They tell us that we have to close our borders — that refugees are not welcome on our land.


We must unite, mobilise, and demand a Green New Deal. It is not enough to oppose the policies of the past. We must also work together to develop a common vision of what we want from our futures, what we want for our children and what we want for all future generations. With the resources we have today, the sky really is the limit: we can have free public education for all, incredible public healthcare, free public transport, great sustainable housing, and a society without war, poverty or inequality. We can win this future if we unite behind it and fight for it. We are fighting for democracy.


We can build a democratic Europe together.The problems we see in our everyday lives — rising prices, crumbling infrastructure, low pay, a heating climate — are symptoms of a system in which the rich and powerful make the most important decisions about our futures. But while they have the money, we have the people. This is why we are gathering in schools, living rooms and public spaces across the continent to listen to Europeans of all stripes.


We stand with Europeans across the continent. 93 percent of Europeans see climate change as a serious problem. Together, we can become a powerful force that will transform our political system and deliver a Green New Deal for Europe and climate justice for those most impacted.